Thursday, January 1, 2015

Cops is for Singles

While we were at my parent's house DH and I binged on cable television. We don't have cable-it seemed like every month the bill increased and we didn't really watch tv too much. We have an antenna for our tv, Netflix and Amazon Prime-plus I buy tons of movies and tv seasons so we're covered on the entertainment front. The only show we couldn't live without was Pretty Little Liars (we can't wait a year to find out who A is-or what A has been up to!), but we're able to buy the season pass from Amazon and see the episode the day after it airs! 

We've been without cable for two years and most of the time we don't miss it. It's a special treat when we visit the homesteads so we binge watch. We spent a whole day watching Moonshiners and I caught up on several hours of Storage Wars. After my parents went to bed DH and I would stay up and watch Cops (we lead an exciting life-right? This is why I suck at blogging). As we watched we noticed something interesting-the commercials seemed to be targeted at a certain demographic.

Each commercial break had several commercial for various dating sites (match, Farmers Only and a few others too inappropriate to post publicly). The other commercials that aired were distinctly male (ads for tools, sports stuff etc). This got DH and I talking-is it only single males that watch Cops? How do the advertisers figure out who watches what? 

Single women are targeted by shows like Say Yes to the Dress (or as I call it "the I'm putting myself into debt for a stupid dress" show), Bridezillas and if you're under 18 Teen Mom. Single men are apparently interested in Cops-why don't they have shows that are wedding themed (like Groomzillas or Say Yes to the Tux)?

My advice for single ladies? Switch off TLC and watch a few episodes of Cops. When a guy at the coolest singles hotspot (Wal-Mart, a bar, some other place I'm not cool enough to know about) decides to chat you up bring up the newest episode of Cops! It's a sure fire strategy! Apparently you don't have to check for the tell-tale tan line on the left ring finger-just ask about Cops. If they are single they'll know all about it-and if they're married they won't. 

I took a highly unscientific poll of all the single guys I know (about 15 of them) and all of them expressed a love for Cops so apparently the advertisers are right. So single ladies, develop a taste in Cops and go strut your stuff! 

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