Thursday, April 2, 2015

Day 14

The last day of the challenge!! I was so happy and relieved that it was over and I could get back to my regularly scheduled meals.

Breakfast was perfect pumpkin pancakes. I forgot to take a picture since they took so long to make and we were rushing out the door to get to work. They were actually pretty good-but not very spicy. I was hoping for something that tasted like pumpkin pie but they tasted like you were just eating straight canned pumpkin. We will probably make these again though :) They were interesting and a fun way to make pancakes a little different. However, these would be better as a weekend meal than as a meal on a workday. It took about 45 minutes to mix up the batter and cook the pancakes-that's way too long for our mornings when we have to get to work.

Total Cost: 1.92 per serving (3.84 for both of us)

Lunch was leftover red beans with a side salad and milk. 
Finished lunches! The salad were chopped cucumbers, carrots and lettuce with vinegarette dressing. It was a pretty yummy lunch-the red beans were the same as the night before (bland) but they kept well. I was definitely full after lunch. I'm surprised how much I'm loving eating salads! I will keep this in my lunch rotation after the challenge is over for sure!

Total cost: 2.03 per serving (4.06 for both of us)

Dinner was meatloaf muffins-it was quick to make but took an hour to cook!
Ingredients for the meatloaf.
The ingredients were simply mixed together and placed into greased muffin tins. They were baked for an hour at 350 degrees.

Finished dinners! The muffins were accompanied by mashed potatoes and frozen green beans! They were actually really good! These would be great to make on a weekend for an easy grab and go lunch or dinner during the week! They had a lot of flavor and were easy to eat! We will be keeping these in our menu! I'm glad the challenge ended on a high note since we've had so many disappointing meals! Today was probably my favorite day in the challenge!! I will say that I'm glad it's over-I learned a lot from the challenge and I'm glad we did it but it was a tough two weeks! Tomorrow I'll post a wrap up post about everything we learned and my overall impressions so be on the lookout for that.

Total cost: 3.76 per serving (7.52 for both of us)

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