Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Day 10

We've had a crazy schedule lately due to DH's work schedule so we have been eating out more and more and cooking less and less. We've finally been able to get on track-we're so close to being finished!

Breakfast was cold cereal with fruit and milk. It was a morning I was in pain and I was happy it was something I could eat on the couch while using my massager! It was a cheap and easy breakfast! Cold cereal is such an easy meal and it's pretty healthy! We've made so many complicated breakfasts and this one was so cheap and easy! There really isn't a lot you can say about cereal. We had peanut butter toast to go with it! I love the fact that peanut butter toast has healthy fat, protein and whole grains! It's so easy and makes a great snack! I've actually added peanut butter toast to my regular repertoire! 

Total cost: 1.10 per serving (2.20 for both of us)

Lunch was salmon salad with milk and crackers. It was disgusting!! 
Ingredients for the lunches!
The salads were made with a whole can of salmon! It kind of overpowered everything else! Even with a ton of dressing you couldn't hide the fish smell.
The salads were accompanied by crackers. There wasn't a lot of food with this meal-no fruit or side dishes :(. The salads didn't keep well in the fridge! When I took it out to eat it I practically threw up-it smelled like the salmon had turned. I texted DH (since we all know my aversion to fish) and he agreed. I tried to pick off the cucumbers and tomatoes to eat but they had absorbed the fish juice!
I ended up cheating and going to Burger King. This was the first meal that was truly inedible! I texted DH this picture with the caption "yup I cheated". Slightly awkward situation since his friend was looking at his phone and didn't see the picture! Oh well! I did drink my milk and eat my crackers!

Total cost: 3.46 per serving (6.92 for both of us) This was a very expensive and terrible meal-not even factoring in the cost of eating out when it was inedible.

After the disappointment of lunch I was looking forward to a yummy dinner. DH ended up cooking and I didn't have to be involved at all! 
Simple and easy supper-honey mustard pork chops and baked potatoes. The soy sauce and mustard were mixed together and the chops were soaked for a few minutes before being fried in oil!
Dessert was applesauce cookies (and cake since it made so much!) DH said these were really easy and quick to make!
Finished dinners-it didn't look like much. They were yummy! The pork chops had a lot of flavor-we did over cook them a little bit. Next time I would like to bake them instead of frying them! The potatoes were topped with salsa-I was unsure about that combination at first but it's actually really good and saves a ton of calories! Surprisingly we didn't have any frozen veggies with this meal-I thought that was strange! It would have added some much needed color.

The applesauce cake! We had so much batter that we turned it into a cake! It was awesome! I've been really impressed with the desserts on this plan! They are healthy and taste delicious! It's nice to have desserts to munch on during the week, even if we don't eat all of it! 

I really liked today's dinner! It was easy and very delicious!
Total cost: 3.45 per serving (6.90 for both of us) It was a little pricey for sure, but the dessert was a large part of it!

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