Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Day 11

Holy moly! Thank goodness it was Spring Break! Day 11 was a complicated and time consuming day! Dinner took almost 3 hours to prepare-and most of that was hands on cooking time!!

Breakfast was scrambled eggs and salsa wrapped up in a burrito!
Breakfast! The eggs were made in a very interesting way-you baked them in the oven in a Pyrex pan! They actually turned out really good and it reduced the cooking time by a lot! I liked that the burritos were portable-I had a ton of stuff to do and I could take my breakfast in the car with me! We will definitely be making these again! You could add veggies, sausage, cheese and all sorts of stuff to the burritos to make them more filling! 

Total Cost: .80 per serving (1.60 for both of us) This was our cheapest meal yet!

Lunch was a roast beef sandwich, carrot sticks and an apple with peanut butter. 
Ingredients for lunch! I like all the fun ideas they have for sandwiches on this plan. It's easy to add some tomato and lettuce to a sandwich to amp up the health factor!
Finished sandwiches. The lunches also included carrot sticks and apple slices with peanut butter. DH ended up putting the peanut butter on his carrot sticks and he said it was really good! I find the carrot sticks to be kind of boring even with some ranch dressing. I'll have to try peanut butter next time!

Total cost: 2.48 per serving (4.96 for both of us)

Dinner was white chili, herbed vegetables and baked sweet potatoes! The chili took FOREVER!

All these ingredients for the chili. Thank goodness we had some leftover cooked chicken or we would have had to cook chicken too!
 First step was to cook the beans. It took an hour and a half to cook the beans! I didn't realize it took that long to cook beans! All the water cooked away and I ended up having to add more half way through.
While the beans were cooking it was time to chop up the veggies! We had some tomatoes that needed to be used up so I went ahead and added them to the chili. The chili used 3 cloves of garlic!
I made the sweet potatoes in the oven. It's very easy-stab them with a fork, sprinkle with salt, garlic powder and pepper, wrap in aluminum foil and bake at 400 degrees for 45 minutes! They turned out so good!! They were really soft and tender and delicious!
I was running like crazy-three pots on the stove and the oven going!
The canned vegetables were mixed with onions and Rosemary. 
Finished chili! It looks like a lot of food, but it was only 4 servings!
Finished dinners! The chili was topped with shredded corn tortillas. It was a lot of food! Dinner was good-the chili was certainly interesting. I liked it but because of the preparation time I probably won't make it again. I usually make delicious chili in the slow cooker-it takes only 15 minutes of hands on time and it tastes just as good! It's also cheaper than this recipe-the chili was EXPENSIVE! The herbed veggies were good, but we used a little too much Rosemary. I always forget that since our Rosemary is from the garden it's more powerful than the dried stuff. These were simple to make-I'll definitely make them again! I LOVE sweet potatoes and we already eat them quite a bit-these will be made again for sure!

Total cost: 4.25 per serving (8.50 for both of us). All the veggies that went into this really raised the cost quite a bit!

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