Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Day 9

I was thankful that day 9 was an easy day. In between the craziness of my birthday (most of the night was spent cleaning up dog vomit and pee after an accident) and work craziness I wasn't at all looking forward to a long day of cooking.

Breakfast this morning was a sausage omelette and hash browns. It was pretty yummy and the omelette was very cheesy!! If we were making this on our own it would have been made with egg whites. It was a nice treat to have a real egg omelette! The hash browns were good (except that they cost me one scorched stainless steel pan since DH isn't very good and cooking in anything other than a non stick skillet). It took about 25 minutes for the eggs to firm up-is that normal? I feel that cooking eggs should take less time than that.

Total cost: 2.31 per serving (4.62 for both of us)

Lunch was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and carrot sticks! I was happy it was a quick meal to make the night before.
We used Damson plum jelly on our sandwiches! It was so yummy! Sand plum jelly is very sweet and it mixed well with the peanut butter. I just can't say much about carrot sticks with ranch dressing or PB&J. This was a pretty basic and simple meal that anyone could make. Even my students could make this meal on their own without any danger!

Total cost: 1.78 per serving (3.56 for both)


Dinner was tuna casserole with frozen green beans and a roll.

Ingredients for quick tuna casserole.

The milk, tuna, peas and cream of mushroom soup were all mixed together in the pan. The recipe indicated that you should mix them in a bowl and then put it in the baking dish but I just used the dish as the mixing bowl.

You cooked the egg noodles for two minutes and then added them to the mixture before topping with bread crumbs. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes and dinner is done!

Finished dinners! The casserole really tasted like tuna! When you cook tuna it gets really smelly (or maybe I'm just crazy). DH really enjoyed it and I wasn't a big fan. The roll and the green beans were standard fare-the usual stuff we eat every day. This was a good meal to make after work-I think the casserole would work well with any type of pre cooked meat (chicken, ground beef etc.). I'll probably modify the recipe and use chicken next time-then it will be a keeper! 

Total cost: 2.48 per serving (4.96 for both of us)

I liked that today was very simpler  and fitted to a working schedule. While none of the meals today were exciting or fancy they were filling, healthy, cheap and easy to make! This is what I wanted from this meal plan since we started! I didn't have to spend hours in the kitchen and I still had time to get stuff done even after cooking! 

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