Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Day 7

Day 7 fell on a weekend for us and it was SO much less stressful when we had the whole day to cook.

Breakfast today was fantastic French toast! I had actually mentioned to DH that I was craving French toast and I was so surprised when I woke up! I actually thought he had forgot about our challenge and made me a surprise. The breakfast was paired with juice and a banana! The French toast was delicious! I just wish we could have had more than one slice. I have no complaints about this breakfast!
French toast cooking on the Griddler. For a cooking implement I totally recommend the Cuisinart Griddler! It takes on the job of a griddle, panini press and you can buy plates to turn it into a waffle maker! We use it all the time-for breakfasts, lunches and dinners! It cooks awesome hamburgers :) Plus it's super easy to clean-I used to have a George Foreman and it was a pain to clean. The plates on the Griddler are removable so it's awesome.

We forgot to take a picture of the rest of the meal-we were way too busy chowing down! It was an awesome breakfast.

Total Cost: 1.18 per serving (2.36 per meal)

Lunch was leftover lentil stew with toast and milk. Since I already covered the lentil stew in Day 6 I won't cover it again. It was just as delicious the second day (and it was even good cold).
Total Cost: 1.32 per serving (2.64 for both of us)

Lentil stew again-it was just as delicious the second time around!

Dinner was a pan fried pork chop with a baked potato and cabbage slaw. DH commented that we were frying more things on this plan then we usually do-which is true. The pork chop was awesome-DH jazzed it up a bit with some breadcrumbs and seasonings. The baked potatoes were okay-the salsa was an interesting topping and something I hadn't thought to add to my baked potatoes. I would have liked to add some sour cream or cheese as well.
The pork chops were pretty simple-I've made these before out of my Loveless Cafe cookbook-typical Southern food! 

We made lettuce slaw instead of cabbage slaw since our cabbage went bad before we were able to use it. It was actually pretty interesting and kind of tasty. DH wasn't a big fan but I really liked it. We apparently did a terrible job of taking pictures today. I guess the meals were so delicious that we were too busy eating to photograph the meals!

Total cost: 3.41 per serving (6.81 per meal)

I really liked today! Every meal was pretty simple to make and nothing took a lot of time! Also the meals were inexpensive and delicious. This was probably the perfect day so far out of the challenge.

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