Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Day 8

Day 8 was a very interesting day. I wasn't a fan of breakfast and lunch-but dinner was a huge hit.


Breakfast was raisin oatmeal (no peanut butter this time) along with milk and a banana. I'm honestly getting pretty tired of the obsession with oatmeal! There are so many other breakfast options out there and adding raisins to it just doesn't make it any better!!
Raisin oatmeal-it definitely is a healthy and filling meal but not exactly the most appetizing way to start my day. I know lots of people enjoy oatmeal, but I don't. I will say that this is an easy and practical breakfast that is pretty cheap. This would be practical for many families.

1.63 per serving (3.26 for both of us)


Lunch was a tuna sandwich with tomatoes, mayo and lettuce along with a side of sliced cucumbers and ranch dressing. I enjoyed the sandwich but it didn't keep very well in the fridge-the tomatoes made the bread all soggy by lunch time which was gross. I definitely enjoyed my side of cucumbers-I actually didn't even dunk them in the ranch. They were just as tasty on their own! It was a fine lunch, but nothing that was very exciting!
Lunch ingredients
Sliced cucumbers-it wasn't a lot!

2.12 per serving (4.24 for both of us)


Dinner was red hot fusilli pasta. We ended up using bow ties since they didn't have fusilli pasta at our grocery store. The side dishes were peas and a dinner roll. For week 2 we bought pretzel rolls instead of white dinner rolls. They were the same price and have less calories (and ours are whole grain!). It made all the difference! It was so much better than just a plain dinner roll.

The pasta was pretty simple to make and delicious! I enjoyed it, but I'm not sure we cooked it right since our sauce wasn't very saucy. It was more like chunks of tomato and chicken-it was good though!
Finished dinners. I was able to mix the peas in with the pasta which added some flavor to the frozen veggies. I'm actually growing more fond of the frozen veggies at each meal! They are so quick to make and are such an easy way to add some health to a meal. It doesn't add much to the preparation time and can be added to any meal. This is something I could easily encourage my 8th graders to do-they could even prepare some frozen veggies for a family dinner! Some progress is better than none!

I think more topping would have maybe made them set up into bar form. 
More of an apple crumble

Dessert was apple cinnamon bars. They were actually pretty simple to make and they were tasty-however they didn't quite turn out like a bar. I was expecting something portable, but it was just a crumbly mess. There wasn't quite enough sugar mix to cover the apples and they never set up into a bar format. It was really delicious and tasted a lot like apple crisp! We will be making these again but I might try to find a way to modify the recipe in order to make them turn into more of a bar. These would be a great thing to have for breakfast as well. Dinner tonight was definitely a hit!

Total Cost: 3.71 per serving (7.42 for both of us)

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