Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Week 2 Shopping

We went shopping for week 2 with a heavy heart! Last week was SO expensive and I wasn't looking forward to another marathon shopping trip. The list was once again massive!
We tried to halve everything we could, but somethings you just couldn't halve (like a bag of chocolate chips). While we were shopping for this trip we made note of the things we had leftover and didn't buy additional foods that we already had ton of.  I was hoping that this would save us some money and lower the grocery bill. The grand total for week 2 was $108.71!! We did save a little money over week 1, but not a lot, We're still over our SNAP allotment. We purchased only the cheapest products available and skipped purchasing many of the things that we already had.

It did take less time this time since we were more familiar with the store and both of us went shopping. So far I've been pretty disappointed in the project since we are spending way more than we usually do and the recipes aren't that great. I'm wearing myself out cooking every day and not getting any monetary savings from it. We saved less with our store savings card this time than we did last time (only 3.58) and we didn't use any coupons again. 

All the bags! It does seem like less than last time for some reason! 

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